Hello! My name is Mark Norris. I am currently working as a Language Data Engineer at Amazon (on a contract with Experis). I have a PhD in linguistics and extensive experience in research, including communication of complex ideas to those with a variety of domain knowledge.

LinkedInGitHubIndustry-focused research description

Language/Linguistic database creation and analysis

Qualitative research methods

  • Conducted interviews about language with Estonian speakers in Tartu, Estonia and Estonian-speaking communities in SF Bay area (i.e., Linguistic Fieldwork)
  • Designed interview materials for both exploratory inquiries and testing specific assumptions from linguistic literature

Quantitative research methods

  • Designed psycholinguistic experiments to investigate syntactic and morphological properties of English
  • Collected corpus examples for probabilistic analysis: Adjectives in Estonian
  • Strong knowledge of sampling for cross-linguistic analysis: Typology of nominal concord

Technical Experience

  • Excel/Sheets • regex • Python • bash/terminal
    • Poketext: using Python and regular expressions to scrape and clean text data from Bulbapedia
  • Experience with: SQL, R