Teaching was a great part of my time as an academic. It is great fun to help students hone their analytical and critical thinking skills through proposing solutions to puzzles in human language. At OU, I mostly taught courses centering on morphology and syntax, but I also got to teach in other disciplines.

Courses I taught at OU:

  • LING 2303: General Linguistics
  • LING 3033: Phonetic Description
  • LING 3043: Semantics
  • LING 3173: Structure of Lesser-Studied Languages
  • LING 3353: Syntax
  • LING 4173: Typology
  • LING 4983: Senior Essay

I am always willing to share my teaching materials with other teachers of linguistics— just drop me a line!

In addition, I created a few instructional videos for my linguistics classes. Those can be found onĀ my YouTube channel.