Research & Publications

My work in progress and publications (including proceedings papers and my dissertation) are given below. The titles are linked directly to the publication if it is open access. Otherwise, they are linked to PDF pre-prints. If any links are broken or you are looking for a copy of something that is not listed here, please let me know.

In Progress:

  • Some typological aspects of nominal concord
  • Concord and statistical modeling (collaboration with Kyle Mahowald)
    • Together with Kyle Mahowald, thinking about interesting/complex questions about my typological concord data that can be answered with the power of statistical modeling.
    • Presented at the LSA (with Dan Jurafsky): LSA 2021 slides
      • Uses data from my 174-language sample to build a Bayesian model of the data,
      • then samples from the posterior to investigate my “Concord Tendencies” from 2019 + an investigation of NP-internal word-order and concord

Journal articles & book chapters:

Conference proceedings:

Dissertation: A Theory of Nominal Concord.

  • Chapter 2 of my dissertation (the first half, anyway) is superseded by the 2018 Glossa paper “Nominal structure in a language without articles: The case of Estonian.” Please read/cite that paper instead of the dissertation chapter.
  • Chapter 4 of my dissertation is superseded by the 2018 NLLT paper “Unmarked case in Estonian nominals.” Please cite and read that paper instead of the dissertation chapter.